driftless a reflection on landscape and place

The driftless project is an idea I have been working on for a couple of years and explores the themes of landscape and place. How does a landscape shape the lives of people who live here? It is also an exploration of the landscapes of this area of southwestern Wisconsin. The name 'driftless' has two meanings to me: 1) The Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin, over ten thousand square miles of hills, valleys and Spring creeks that were passed over during the last period of glaciation 2) driftless: drift means a slow movement from one place to another, and less means without. This speaks of deep roots to a landscape and place, and layers of history on the land.

I will be working on this project in 2018, with tentative plans to publish a book in 2019. In addition to the book the project will include atraveling exhibit.One of the challenging and interesting aspects of this project for me is the idea of combining images with text to be able to tell poignant stories. This project will have pictures of places and landscapes, and portraits of people with a strong connection to the land.

Randy J. Larson 2014