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McKenzie Farm - January Weather!

McKenzie Farm Blizzard 012919 WEB

This image of a neighbor's farm was taken today about 4pm in near whiteout conditions; the temperature was -2 degrees Fahrenheit with winds gusting to 35+mph. The next two days are to be near record cold with temperatures down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit and windchill temperatures to -50 degrees Fahrenheit

January Finally Arrives!

Frost Window WEB

We have had a relatively dry and mild January until now. Saturday we woke up to about 8" of fresh snow, with another 5-8" predicted for this week. This morning at sunrise the temperature was -18 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold! Beautiful frost on my window.

PLACES - Calamine, Lafayette County

Calamine 011119 WEB

Otter Creek Lutheran Cemetery, Iowa County

Otter Creek GG Grandparents

New Year's Day Walk - Lafayette County

Yellowstone WA 010119
Randy J. Larson 2014