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A Postcard From Dane County

Wilkins Farm 180320 WEB

First Day of Spring - Baraboo Hills

Baxters Hollow Spring 180320 WEB

Spring arrived this morning at 11:15am CST. I was in the Baraboo Hills at Baxter's Hollow during this time, although with temps in the 30s and a cold North wind, it did not feel much like Spring.

Upper Newton Road, North Fork of Bad Axe River

Upper Newton Road Bridge Vernon County copy

Platte River Bridge - A Second Look

Platte R. Bridge Farm WEB

March Blizzard, My Garden

Garden Shed March Blizzard

We're in the middle of a March blizzard this evening. Heavy snow and strong winds made for near white-out conditions in the early evening.

Old Bridge Over Platte River, Grant County

Platte R. Bridge 180228WEB
Randy J. Larson 2014