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Baraboo Hills - Near The Headwaters Of Otter Creek

It was just upstream from here that I caught and photographed the Brook trout in the previous entry. This area has been one of my favorite spots for many years, and this image one of my better attempts to show the beauty of this creek and the Spring woods. It was raining when I made the photograph, making the greens of Spring very vivid and saturated. I was standing in the creek and the sound of water filled the landscape.

Native Brook Trout - Baraboo Hills

There are several watersheds in the Baraboo Hills that sustain a remnant native brook trout population. Brook trout are the area's only native trout, thriving in the clear, cold water of Spring fed creeks that flow through some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Driftless area.

PLACES - Bloom City, Richland County

Spring Beauty in the Kickapoo Valley

Yellow Lady's Slipper Orchid

Barn Detail-Fish Valley Rd., Vernon County

Snowbottom State Natural Area

Turkeys gobbling in the deep woods at daybreak, an eagle floating high above the sandstone bluffs, Baltimore Orioles and Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks singing in the trees, the sounds of the stream as it hurries its way through this beautiful valley and the song of an Eastern Bluebird from a white oak tree in the meadow-a great way to welcome a Spring day.

Morning Milking

Steve & Kelly in the milking parlor

Honey Creek SNA, Baraboo Hills

Spring In Lafayette County

Randy J. Larson 2014