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Kickapoo Valley Reserve - Hagen Homestead Remnant

A lilac hedge and several maple trees are all that is left of the Arnold Hagen farm, one of 149 families forced off their land by the federal government in the early 1970s for a large dam project that would help control flooding on the Kickapoo River and provide recreational activities and tourism. The project ultimately failed, too late for the families in this valley.

PLACES - FairPlay, Grant County

Spring Woods - Kickapoo Valley Reserve

Pure Driftless - Dawn From Black Hawk Rock

Black Hawk Rock Morning View

Spent several days photographing and exploring the Kickapoo Valley Reserve near La Farge. Spectacular driftless landscapes and a very interesting story behind this area. Visited Viroqua and enjoyed the Driftless Cafe and the Viroqua Food Cooperative.

Big Spring, Iowa County

Dawn at Gordon Creek

Before light I heard the call of a whippoorwill and a barred owl from the hillside. As the sky lightened this valley was alive with the sounds of turkeys gobbling, sandhill cranes trumpeting, and the many melodies of the Spring songbirds.

Corn Planting Time - Hermanson Farm

Spring Sunrise, Snowbottom SNA

Randy J. Larson 2014