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A Postcard From Richland County


Conklin School, North of Boaz

October 2013

A Postcard From Grant County


Adrian Hollow Rd.

Soldiers Grove, Auto Repair Shop

A Wedding Remembered


I am posting this on my wedding anniversary, 20 years ago today Karla and I were married! This photograph was taken last year on June 8 and shows Karla holding the wedding picture of her Grandpa and Grandma Ryan. The wedding took place on June 8, 1936 at this church, St. Malachy's near Clyde. We enjoyed visiting this beautiful church and making this photograph exactly 77 years later.

PLACES - Gotham


Summer Has Arrived!

Pasture Rose WEB

A Carolina Rose, also known as the Wild or Pasture Rose

A Postcard From Richland County


A Postcard From Richland County

A Postcard From Richland County Fall

October 2013

Cemetery at Retreat - One Person Can Make A Difference

Lars Erickson - July 20, 1915-January 12, 1996

Lars spent many years of his life caring for the resting place of our family

and friends who have gone before us. His smile, friendly wave and words of

kindness will forever live in our hearts. May his spirit warm the peaceful

surroundings of Walnut Mound as his presence did in life.

21 years of dedicated service


A Postcard From Sauk County

Randy J. Larson 2014