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Saturday Night in Blanchardville

Blanchardville 8pm Saturday Night WEB

Along A Country Road

River Forks Rd., Iowa County

Ocooch Mountains, Richland County


Turk's Cap Lily

Native Prairie Compassplant


New Diggings, Lafayette County


A Postcard From Dane County


Wilkins Farm

Spectacular Light and Sky!


We are in a period of two weeks with very unsettled weather. There have been many thunderstorms, some severe, and several tornadoes in the area. Along with this we have had some beautiful skies and clouds, although none as spectacular as last night at sunset. There had been several hours of quite severe thunderstorms, but a break in the clouds just as the sun was on the horizon. During this time, which lasted only about five minutes, was some of the most unusual light I have ever seen, almost tangerine in color, beautiful clouds and a double rainbow. This image was shot off my deck looking south to my home farm and the ridge that I love. Then it was over and darkness fell quickly on the landscape, much like the curtain falling just after the climax of a great play or concert.

Randy J. Larson 2014