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Rustic Road #55-Tunnelville Rd. near LaFarge

A Postcard From Richland County

This is from northwestern Richland county, just west of West Lima. I talked to the farmer that owns this 1950 Ford pickup truck. This scene made me think that I was on a movie set showing the 1950s and would have made a good opening for the movie 'Hoosiers' (my favorite movie).

First Day of Fall-Sumac and Walnut Tree

A Postcard From Iowa County

September, First Light

Cty U in Iowa County. September is a time of beautiful mornings - cool air, fog hanging in the valleys and the landscape starting to show the colors of Fall.

Vernon County Fair, Harness Racing

Basketball Hoop, Cassville

Sunrise, Storm Clouds And Rainbow

Taken early this morning just after the sunrise, looking to the southwest. The thunderstorms were breaking up and the dramatic sky was changing rapidly.

The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim the work of His hands.

Psalm 19:1

Spring-Fed Waterfall, Grant County

One of the most wonderful features of the driftless area landscapes are the springs that erupt out of hillsides and flow down to the valleys, creating beautiful spring-fed creeks (with trout living in many of them!). The idea of clean, cold water flowing freely out of the ground would be a divine gift in many parts of the country and the world, and we should remember to do everything we can to appreciate and recognize this resource.

Marvel With His 1918 Chevrolet Model T Pickup

Marvel Nelson WEB

Retired Dairy Farmer, Inventor, Mechanic, Artist, and More!

Wiota Township, Lafayette County

Randy J. Larson 2014